SDR Meetings

5th SDR Meeting - Madison, Wisconsin - USA 
First Session August 06, 2022, 3:00 - 5:00 PM Format Download
Meeting Agenda SDR Co-Chairs PDF Link
Introduction and Structure of the Meeting SDR Co-Chairs PDF Link
SDR History: Goals and Achievements SDR Co-Chairs PDF Link
WMO Secretariat Updates Kenneth Holmlund PDF Link
WMO Regional Office for the Americas Updates Daniel Vila PDF Link
NOAA Updates Natalia Donoho PDF Link
RA III and RA IV Survey on the use of Satellite Data - 2022 SDR Co-Chairs PDF Link
Second Session August 07, 2022, 4:00 - 7:20 PM Format Download
Introduction: 2nd Session SDR Co-Chairs PDF Link
WMO - CGMS VLab: Who are we and what do we do? Bernie Connel PDF Link
GOES-R PRO User Engagement Sherrie Morris PDF Link
SDR Member Updates
Agentina Diana Rodriguez PDF Link
Brazil Diego Souza PDF Link
British Caribbean Territories (BCT) Kenneth Kerr PDF Link
Barbados - CIMH (GNC-A Project) Kathy-Ann Ceasar PDF Link
Canada Matt Arkett PDF Link
Chile Camilo Barahona PDF Link
Colombia Hugo Saavedra PDF Link
Costa Rica Maureen Fonseca and Jean Carlo PDF Link
Curaçao Albert Martis PDF Link
Ecuador Sandra Torres PDF Link
El Salvador William Abarca PDF Link
Guatemala Joel Ixcamparij PDF Link
Mexico Gabriela Gomez PDF Link
Peru Joao Huaman PDF Link
Trinidad & Tobago Carol Ali PDF Link
Venezuela Julio Cabanerit PDF Link
Actions and Recommendations - Open Discussion SDR Co-Chairs / Members / NOAA / WMO PDF Link
Other Presentations Prepared by SDR Members CMM / NOAA Satellite Conference 2022 Format Download
Satellite-Based Data Needs for RA III and RA IV  Presidents of RA III and RA IV PDF Link
WMO Vision for WIGOS  WMO Second Vice-President PDF Link
Photos  CMM / NOAA Satellite Conference 2022 Format Access
Photos from the 5th SDR Meeting, Visit to SSEC and Poster Sessions SDR Group G. Drive Link
Recording August 06 and 07, 2022 Format Access
Recording of the 5th WMO RA-III-IV-SDR-Group Meeting SDR Group Youtube Link
Meeting Report August 31, 2022 Format Access
Final Version  SDR Group DOCX Link



Previous SDR Meetings Date Venue Web Page
4th Meeting 23 September and 03 October 2019 Boston, MA, USA Link
3rd Meeting 16 and 19 July 2017 New York City, NY, USA Link
2nd Meeting 05 - 08 September 2016 Willemstad, Curaçao Link
1st Meeting 27 - 28 April 2015 Greenbelt, MD, USA Link
Preparatory Meeting 8 April 2013 College Park, MD, USA Link

Please find the WMO page compiling the documents of the SDR meetings at the following link: