SDR Terms of Reference

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The Group consists of a representative number of members from the satellite data user community in the Region, joined, as associate members, by satellite data providers and WMO. The Group is chaired by one or two representatives from key satellite data user organizations of the Region.



The Group maintains an updated list of satellite data and products available to the Region through existing dissemination services. Data and products shall be classified by categories of variables and derived products.



The Groups regularly reviews sources of regional needs and undertakes, as needed, further information gathering, such as surveys, to ensure that views of WMO Members in the Region are adequately represented.




The Group analyzes the requirements for each relevant category of product, and identifies which requirements are not adequately met by existing services. The unmet requirements are prioritized, considering:

The applications supported and their impact
The number and representativeness of the users
The status of the required data or products
The quality and suitability of the required data or products.





In summary the Group formulates recommendations pertaining to:

Existing satellite data/products (with detailed references) to be included in existing distribution services, or moving a product from one service to another, or assigning lower priority to an existing product (or removing it if obsolete)
Amendments of existing products or development of new products
Evolution (upgrade, or consolidating) of data dissemination means, or other (e.g. training, tools, user equipment)
Short-term action to implement these recommendations



The Group maintains a dialogue with satellite data providers of relevance to the Region, and other partners as needed, to ensure that its recommendations are implemented.   


The Group uses the WMO Procedure for Documenting Regional Requirements for Satellite Data Access and Exchange for guidance (see



The Group meets in person at least every two years, and, to ensure continuity, works through collaborative tools during the intersessional period.