Latin America Geostationary Satellite

First Day July 12, 2023, 9:00 - 17:00 ART Format Download
Background and Main Regional Drivers Luciano Vidal (SMN) PDF Link
User’s Data Requirements: What is Expected for a Regional GEO Satellite – Initial Set of Requirements Diego Souza and Marcial Garbanzo (FP-SDR-RA-III-RA-IV) PDF Link
Regional Technical Capacity Mapping: What Could We Learn From Previous Regional Experiences at​ CONAE  Laura Frulla and Josefina Pérès (CONAE)     PDF Link
Science Team Capacities Mapping and Processes Involved in the Product Generation and Lessons Learned from Previous Experiences Laura Frulla and Josefina Pérès (CONAE)     PDF Link
INPE Ground Segment Mauricio Ferreira (INPE) PDF Link
INPE Multi Mission Platform Development Concept Adenilson Silva (INPE) PDF Link
Second Day July 13, 2023, 9:00 - 17:00 ART   Format Download
WMO Earth Observation and Space Weather Observation Gap Analysis 2023 Heikki Pohjola (WMO) PDF Link
GeoXO Mission: Lessons Learned from the Conceptual Phase and User Readiness Andrew Heidinger (NOAA) PDF Link
LAC's Space Agencies Regional Mapping Ana Medico (CONAE) PDF Link
Documents Resulting From the Workshop Created by Format Download
Workshop Results Task Team PDF Link
Executive Summary - Proposal for a LAC Regional GEO Satellite System (ENG) Task Team PDF Link
Executive Summary - Annexes (ENG) Task Team PDF Link
Resumen Ejecutivo - Propuesta de Diseño de un Sistema GEO Regional (SPA) Task Team PDF Link
Resumen Ejecutivo - Anexos (SPA) Task Team PDF Link
Published Notes Link
"The Project of a Meteorological Satellite for Latin America Advances"
"The Project for the Construction of the Regional Meteorological Satellite Advances"
Document Date Format Download
Current and Future Operational Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Missions July 06, 2023 PDF Link
WMO Regional Office for the Americas Updates (including the Regional Satellite, during the CMM 2022) August 06, 2022 PDF Link
Presentation to Permanent Representatives of the Regional Association III (CONAE / Argentina) - Spanish August 05, 2022     PDF Link
Regional Meteorological System - Spanish April 14, 2021 PDF Link